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Store Questions

   No, you can order one box or as many boxes as you would like.
Yes, if you have excess Gaballi Coupons you have earned, you are more than welcome to give them away to someone.  Gaballi coupons do not have any cash value but are valuable as they can be used toward Gaballi food purchases.  People love them as gifts.  Others are even trading them for things they need.
All orders must be pre-paid one week prior to the scheduled delivery time.  So in order to receive your boxes of food, you will need to order and pay online prior to each months deadline.  To obtain additional discounts you can purchase up to one year in advance. You can pick up your food at your closest Host site. You can select the closest Host site under your profile in your dashboard.

Yes, everyone is welcome to sign up to become a Gaballi member. There are no fees to sign up and you can register online. Once you are an active member, you can start earning Gaballi Coupons to be used toward free food right away. It's easy. Tell your friends, neighbors,relatives about Gaballi and start earning free boxes of food every time they order. 

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Yes, Gaballi coupons can be used with any order.  Simply put your coupon code in your shopping cart at checkout.  Coupons are only valid once.  If you have more than one coupon, you will need to place separate orders.
We will accept food stamps in the next few months - our application has been submitted and we are waiting on our point of sale machine to process food stamps.
We do offer discounts on bulk purchases.
At present we sell fresh fruit and vegetables but in the next few months we will offer Meat, Fish and Chicken along with dried food such as flour, rice and beans.
All orders are placed on the website.   We have a secure, easy to navigate shopping cart to handle all of the orders.  You will need to select a host site when you place an order.  The host site is where you will pick up your Gaballi boxes so be sure to select a church, school, or organization you are familiar with or one that is close by your house.  Our system will remember your host site every time you log in. 
Our secure website will process all your orders.  We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.  Currently all orders are processed using paypal.  Therefore, you can also pay directly from your bank account through your paypal account.   If you would like to pay with SNAP we are working on accepting this and should be able to in 60 days.
You can use it, but the remaining value will be void since coupon codes can only be used once.  You are always welcome to order more boxes.  You can even place orders for future months. 
Sign in and go to My Account and then to your Profile under shipping information tab you will see a drop down box with a list of the closest Host Sites with the distance to them from your house indicated. If you can not see this drop down box entitled "Select Or Change Host Site" Please enter your personal address correctly and then the Host Site box will show up (this box will not show up if you enter your address incorrectly).
You can call your host site if you have any questions.  They are there to help facilitate the orders in your community and will be happy to assist you. 
You can also contact direct online.  Just click on the Contact Us or Help button.  We have staff ready online to answer your questions promptly.